ThorDrive and E-Mart collaborate on autonomous driving for short-range delivery service

October 15, 2019

ThorDrive, a startup specializing in autonomous driving technology, has presented its vision of a "future delivery service" through self-driving delivery services in Silicon Valley, USA. The company will now test-run "eli-go," a short-range self-driving delivery service, in partnership with E-Mart.

ThorDrive announced on October 15th that it will launch "eli-go", a demonstration service for short-distance delivery using autonomous vehicles, for consumers in nearby areas at the E-Mart store in Yeouido, Seoul. This pilot service will offer short-range self-driving delivery to selected apartment complexes in Yeouido. Customers will have the option to apply for self-driving delivery of goods purchased through kiosks located inside E-Mart stores. Delivery status can be checked in real time through the customer's smartphone. When the product arrives, the customer can receive the ordered items from the designated locker in the vehicle after completing the certification procedure.

ThorDrive and E-Mart have made significant efforts to ensure safety while conducting the pilot service for autonomous delivery. The self-driving vehicle is operated by a team of two individuals: one operator and one assistant who will aid in the delivery service.

Kye Dong-kyoung, CEO of ThorDrive, stated, "The autonomous delivery vehicle utilized in this pilot service has surpassed previously developed autonomous vehicles by effectively identifying surrounding objects in real time, assessing driving conditions by comprehensively analyzing the surrounding traffic flow, creating a reliable driving route based on this information, and skillfully and precisely controlling the vehicle, even in heavily congested traffic situations like Yeouido in Seoul."

Through this pilot service for short-range autonomous delivery, ThorDrive, a developer of autonomous driving systems, will gather data on autonomous driving in real-world scenarios. This data will be used to improve the technology and bring us closer to achieving fully autonomous driving

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