Who are we?

ThorDrive is an autonomous technology company with a mission to proliferate our technologies to new applications beyond the "traditional" passenger vehicle and commercial truck markets.

Our focus is on markets where:

Our full-stack development process and deep customer partnership not only support operational excellence and enhanced safety but also provide a strategic advantage to all stakeholders.

A significantly abbreviated path to successful commercialization and much more efficient level of investment that will support the growth of ThorDrive and quickly provide an economic benefit to our customers and investors.

Founded in 2016

by Dr. Seung-Woo Seo, Seoul National University professor and current Board Chairman, ThorDrive's technology has been developed over 15 years by respected experts in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence as well as teams of software engineers.

successfuly tested over 80,000 miles in real-world environments

After successful testing over 80,000 miles in real-world environments in Korea and The United States, ThorDrive has applied our autonomous technology to passenger cars, delivery vans, small electric utility trucks and passenger carts for an international airport.


with operations in Korea and the US, we are focused on growing our company and autonomous technologies through strategic partnerships and alliances with equipment manufacturers in the aviation and industrial markets.

Next Steps?

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